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  • God, look at these wonderful Sebastian’s drawings!

    He’s such a Great artist and a beautiful person, he also worked as a colorist on a cover for a Marvel’s X-Men comic (Panini Comics’ 20th anniversary).

    If you wanna see more take a look at his blog: http://artofmihi.blogspot.it/

    or at his FB page: https://www.facebook.com/artofmihi

  • One of the most talented people I’ve ever seen, take a look!

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  • "Don’t leave me alone! ç_ç"

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  • Founded on the Internet and recolored a bit :P (Don’t know the artist who made it in black & white ç_ç)

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  • artsfantasia:

    Nine fox by Xiao Botong

    (A World of Fantasy)

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  • Hey I know that these posts are a bit cliche, but…


    I need more blogs to follow, because I love a busy dashboard, so go ahead and reblog if you post any of the following and I’ll check out your blog!




    Attack on Titan

    Dangan Ronpa

    League of Legends

    Soul Eater


    Animal Crossing




    or just anime in general, i need more anime

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